Andy Cohen says he won't drink with cohost Anderson Cooper during CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast

The “Watch What Happens Live” host confirms to Page Six that neither he nor Anderson Cooper will be drinking during their New Year’s Eve broadcast on CNN this weekend.

“CNN said the correspondents will not be drinking,” Cohen told the publication. “Anderson and I will be the people partying on CNN [though] we will be partying responsibly.”

The head of the Housewives also joked that he would “torch the place” and then “head out” back to his home base at Bravo shortly after the ball drops.

“My job is to be a party ringleader for everyone watching us on New Year’s Eve,” Cohen told the magazine. “And that is what I will continue to do.”

While Cohen, 54, was lauded last year for his hilarious takedown of Mayor Bill de Blasio,

he faced backlash from Ryan Seacrest after he had described the ABC host’s production and staff as a “bunch of losers

Despite apologizing the following day, Cohen still appears to be facing ire from Seacrest.