Elon Musk accuses Twitter of mischief after requesting a halt to his trial.

The Tesla Chief has "concurred" to play out the commitments that were a piece of the arrangement, and he will close the exchange, which is probably going to happen nearby Oct. 28.

"Incredibly, they have demanded continuing with this prosecution, foolishly endangering the arrangement and betting with their investors' interests.

"Musk's side proceeded to contend that the preliminary is a "tremendous misuse of the party and legal assets" and that it will hold the arrangement back from shutting longer.

In A letter in the interest of Twitter to Delaware's Court of Chancery, got by E! News on Oct. 6.

Twitter said that Musk ought to settle this negotiation one week from now, and until he does, they are qualified for their preliminary.

Be that as it may, the Delaware Court of Chancery favoured Musk for the present and put a stay on this preliminary until Oct. 28.

In the event that Musk doesn't stay faithful to part of the bargain, the two sides have been told to get new trials for November.