How Much Interest Can You Earn From $1.5 Million

There are several ways to earn interest, but how much does $1.5 million generate annually?

The potential return on riskier investments is higher than that of safer ones, yet some people may find the risk to be prohibitive.

Your choice of investments will determine how much interest earnings you get by investing $1.5 million.

We'll discuss Three of the most well-liked options for investing money so that you can earn interest.

Money market accounts can produce up to 2% annually with almost little risk. That works out to $30,000. For $1.5 million.

Stock If you invest and hold given the general rule that the stock market grows by around 10% on average every year, you may do well in the long run.

Invest $1.5 million in a number of funds over 20 years then your $1.5 million will increase to over $10 million at an average yearly return of 10%.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) If your REIT has an annual growth of 13% and dividend growth of 3%.