Luka Doncic becomes first player in NBA history to record 95 points, 

Gregg Popovich joked before the game that the team’s goal was to hold Dončić to 50 points. Well, he scored 51

Seriously, though, Popovich — and every other coach in the league — have some messed up decisions that must be made prior to playing against Dončić.

Those schemes present temporary 5-on-4 advantages that Dončić usually turns into lob dunks.

On Saturday, Popovich decided his team should mostly switch everything and play against Dončić one-on-one

It’s just that Dončić can beat every single one of them. It’s about choosing the best worst option

And on Saturday, the best of those bad options still resulted in Dončić scoring 51 points in a win. — Cato

Dončić scored 526 points in the month of December, surpassing Dirk Nowitzki (510 in March 2006) for the highest-scoring month in Mavericks history.