Rare Snowy Owl Shows Up in California–First in 100 Years (WATCH)

She stood among rows of birdwatchers and photographers who flocked to a California neighborhood for a rare glimpse of a beautiful snowy owl.

These huge white birds rarely make their way to sunny Orange County. In fact, the frozen Minnesota tundra, 

thousands of miles away, is their normal destination during their winter migration. There, they are difficult to spot with their white plumage that camouflages well with snow and gray trees.

Perched atop a neighborhood roof in Cypress, however, the owl was easy to spot. Arriving 

last Tuesday, it is the first evidence of an errant individual from that species in Southern California in over 100 years.

Other experts believe the bird could have hitched a ride on a south-bound freighter ship, and been content to hang out for the long journey.